Darkness Shines

Nothing breaks the silence except her breathing, slow and controlled. The only light comes from the slit in the curtains; a dull and lifeless moonlight, draining the colour of her usually golden skin. The paint is still fresh. She smiles at the girl on the canvas. when the light was on, she could see the golden waves of hair over the girl’s face, the wide, happy eyes staring out at her. With the lights off the scene changes. In glow-in-the-dark paint she’s painted over the girl, transforming her pleasant, joyful face into one streaked with glowing tears and broken eyes. The paintbrush trembles in her hand as she places it down carefully, her eyes not leaving the hopeless irises of the girl in the painting. What a perfect way to hide her pain. In the light all anyone would ever see is a beautiful, happy girl. In the darkness, her pain shines.


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