Light & Shadows

The light danced in spirals across the ballroom. It curtsied and bowed, waved and smiled. “You really should teach me to dance sometime. You are magnificent,” came a voice from the corner. From the shadows. 

The light spun hurriedly, searching for the intruder. 

“Don’t bother looking. I cannot be seen. I cannot be heard. I cannot be felt.” 

The light straightened up and composed itself. 

“Brother,” it breathed, “it’s been such a long time.” 

“Same to you, sister. Tell me, how’s Mum?” 

“You know very well how mum is, seeing as you were the last person to see her.”

“Its funny how people always assume the worst of me. Mum’s fine. Just… resting.” 

“Alright, come out now.” 

The shadow swarmed from a corner and gathered together, taking the shape of a human. But a human made from shadow, wearing a robe of shadow.

“Now you, Dawn,” he said. 

The light flowed into a graceful woman draped in a golden dress.

“Why have you come here, Shade?” Dawn asked the shadow. 

“Using my name now, are we?” Shade retorted.

“Why have you come here?” demanded Dawn.

“I’ve come for the child, if you must know,” sighed Shade.

“Jamie? Why? What use could you have of the child?” 

“So nosey lately. Mustn’t get in over our heads, now, sister.”

“Over my head? That child is my responsibility and you won’t set a foot near him!” Dawn roared.

Shade flashed her a wicked grin and vaporized. 

“Shit!” Dawn cursed before following suit – vanishing. 

The child – Jamie – lay sleeping. He barely noticed the dark shadow dashing across the room. He didn’t even blink an eye when the shadow took him from his crib, or when he was suddenly thrown back into it when a blinding light flashed into the room. He just slept. And dreamed. 


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