Falling Together

It’s not as if I don’t recall how you used me. How you played with my feelings for those few weeks, and how broken you left me.

I recall these things perfectly.

But, I also remember the taste of your lips. The fit of your hand over mine. I remember your eyes, and how I saw in them pieces of myself, of my pain.

And now you’re here, your eyes once again meeting mine, and looking past me, into something deeper. I look away. But you’re still there. We both know it. Just like we both know that I’ll look back. And I do. And this time your eyes spark with your smile, and I give in, letting myself disappear for a moment into a world where it’s just us.

You remind me, after all these years, why love is the most cherished human emotion.

There is something to be said for those who walk hand-in-hand, arm-in-arm, centre stage in one another’s lives. Those who walk at a slow, steady pace towards the cliff of love, and lower one another down on ladders so they may reach the bottom in one piece.

But we were never like that. And I have never been like that.

There is no feeling I love more than sprinting off the edge of that cliff, wrapped in a lover’s kiss and knowing, without a doubt, that I’ll hit the bottom and I’ll hit it hard. But also knowing that I definitely wont hit it alone. That when the time comes for this love to end, I won’t be the only one left shattered on the chasm floor.

So I get lost in those eyes of yours, and I let you wrap me in your kiss.

And once again, we sprint towards the edge of the cliff.



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