Messy Mind

I will love you, but not in pieces. I refuse to let my love be fed to you in drops, little by little and bit by bit. I refuse to hold myself back and stop myself from giving too much, because the point of love itself is to be too much. Too much for the rational thoughts of a human’s soul. Too much for the emotions of a human’s mind. Love drives even the sanest of people over the cliff and saves the craziest of people from the edge.


If love is the ocean, ice cold in the dead of winter and raging with the storm yet to come, then I will not allow you to step in toe by toe, to feel the water inch by inch. I will be the wind that throws you into the highest wave. I will be the current pulling you back under a second after you reach the surface. I will not let you give up on love just because it is not easy; with me it was never going to be.


I will give you everything I have, all at once. I will watch you try to sift through the forgotten treasures of my mind. I will watch you fall deeper and deeper into the quicksand of my heart and get tangled in the vines from the jungles that pollute my thoughts.

I will wait until you give up trying to organise the mess that is me. I will wait until you show me the mess that is you.



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