Fragments of the Future

The sunlight is nice, as is the breeze that ruffles the blinds. All the blankets lie crumpled at the edge of the bed, and in the centre she lies sprawled across all of her available pillows. Feels like a regular Saturday morning. Except that it’s Friday, and its two in the afternoon. The bass rattles through the house.

It’s one of those days when everything is right. Everything is okay, and it’s not too hot or too cold, and the sun’s out and the clouds have vanished. Nowhere to be and nobody to see. It’s a welcome change from the dragging days and freezing nights.

Sometime between waking and opening her laptop, she starts to wonder about the future. On days like today, it’s safe to think about things like that. On days like today she can see herself going places.

Five years later, curled up in bed but this time not alone. This time someone’s holding her waist, and her breathing is deep, and smooth. She hasn’t woken up yet. The man beside her pulls her closer, burying his face in her hair to kiss her cheek. Eyes fluttering open, she curls into him.

Yes, on days like today she can see herself in the future, happy. Laughing with friends, stressing about exams, waking up late on weekends and early on weekdays. Perhaps it will be all she hopes it will be, or it won’t, and that’ll be okay too. Not all fantasies come true, after all. At least it will be a future. At least it will be hers.



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